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    1. 關于我們

        山東三森數控機械有限公司成立于 2008 年,是一家研發、制造和銷售綠色智能設備的高新技術企業。

        公司積極響應國家“中國制造2025”規劃,用信息智能技術提升裝備制造業。產品主要應用于特高壓輸變電線路鐵塔、電力鐵附件、 風能發電裝備、交通軌道建設、建筑鋼結構、立體車庫、中央制冷、海水淡化、石油石化、建筑機械、工程機械和港口機械等“新基建” 行業。公司的品牌知名度和市場美譽度均居行業前列,在國際市場中也占有重要席位,產品已出口到 20 多個國家和地區,銷售 網絡遍布世界各大洲。

        公司注重技術研發和產品質量,積累了豐富的智能設備開發和生產管理經驗,擁有多項發明專利和實用新型專利。其自主研 發制造的數控角鋼扁鋼槽鋼三合一組合生產線(專利號 ZL2018 2 225494.X)和數控扁鋼槽鋼抱箍聯合生產線(專利號 ZL2018 2 225491.6)重新定義了電力鐵附件的加工工藝。 公司產品通過自動檢測、自動下上料、自動加工、自動碼料、數據云集等系列功能,實現多功能、多工序的自動連續生產,并做 到數據收集與整理,已發展成為數字化、智能化、成套化、復合化、高效化的綠色智能裝備制造企業。


        Shandong Sansen CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2008.We are a high-tech enterprise that integrates product development, designing, production,sales and service into a whole.

        We actively responds to the national"made in China 2025"plan and uses information intelligent technology to improve equipment manufacturing industry.The products are mainly used in "new infrastructure" industries such as UHV transmission and transformation line tower, power iron accessories,wind power generation equipment,traffic rail construction,building steel structure,three-dimensional garage,central refrigeration, desalination,petroleum and petrochemical,construction machinery,engineering machinery and port machinery.The company's brand awareness and market reputation are in the leading position in the industry,and it also occupies an important position in the international market.Its products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions,and its sales network is all over the world.

        The company pays attention to technology research and development and product quality,has accumulated rich experience in intelligent equipment development and production management,and possess multiple of invention patents and utility model patents.There are 2 production we independently develop and manufacture, CNC combined punching, marking and shearing production line for angle&flat&channel steel(Patent No.:zl2018 2 225494. X) and CNC combined production line for flat&steel punching, marking and shearing and clamp making(Patent No.:zl2018 2 225491.6) redefines the processing technology of electric power fitting.

        The company's products pass a series of functions such as automatic detection,automatic blanking and loading, automatic processing,automatic coding and data gathering,the product realizes the automatic and continuous production of multi-function and multi process,achieves data collection and sorting,and gradually develops into a digital,intelligent,complete set,compound and efficient green intelligent equipment system Manufacturing enterprises.

        Specialty builds quality,technology creates,value service, wins market innovation and leads the future.Sansen CNC and you work together to create a smart future!


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